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Discover, Share, & Earn with the all new ChurpChurp.com

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Hey, Churpers! Noticed something different with ChurpChurp.com? Well, if it isn’t obvious enough, we’ve changed its look and feel!

There are five (5) things to look out for!

A new, sleeker Churp Churp Logo 

Easier navigation

If you access http://blog.ph.churpchurp.com without signing in, you’ll immediately get a glimpse of what’s waiting for you inside the different sections of Churp Churp.

Once you sign in to your account, you’ll notice that you can now manage all your settings, preferences, and earnings from the drop-down menu at the top-right corner. You can also show off the stories and campaigns you’ve shared on your public profile.

Let’s move on to the left sidebar, which gives you easy access to the three main sections of Churp Churp – Discover, Earn and Community. You’ll see notifications there whenever there is something new in the respective sections, and below that the live updates also show you what your pals are doing on Churp Churp.

Discover trends & other awesome stuff on the net

Get the scoop on the latest news to hit the Internet with the Trending topics at the very top of the page. It’s also easier to share stories you find on Churp Churp with the Heart feature located to the right of a story; you can express your love for a story on Facebook and Twitter with just one click.

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You know what’s the coolest addition for this section? All the stories you submit will now appear on the ‘Friends’ tab and also the ‘Vote’ tab, where you can Heart your submission or any other submissions you like! If your submission is awesome enough, it just could be bumped to the ‘Featured’ tab, where we handpick the best stories for you.

Earn – getting moolah has never been this easier

With the updated ‘Earn’ section, you’ll now see all the campaigns you can share on one single page.

Community – the bird’s nest is expanding!

The blog, as always, is where you can find out all about the latest community events and offers exclusively available for the Churp Churp community – that’s where you get to meet and mingle with your fellow Churpers!

So, go on, explore the site! We hope you enjoy your Churping experience!